I view the release of a new book with mixed feelings.

On the one hand I’m delighted that it’s heading out into the world.

On the other I’m terrified that it’s heading out into the world.

I’ve done everything I can to TAG – YOU’RE DEAD at this stage. It’s been written, rewritten, shaped, edited, cut, pasted, honed, smoothed and damn near sandblasted in places.

I think I like it (I’m never terribly sure).

Tag cover

I hope it entertains. I hope it enthrals. I hope it makes you at least smile. I hope, this time, it scares you.

Now it’s down to the reader to decide.

That’s the really terrifying part.

Readers can be both a welcome and daunting prospect.

I look forward to people getting their hands on the book but dread what they will think of it. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they finally tap me on the shoulder and say, that’s it, you fraud, you’re done?

And then the reviews start to come in. There’s actually one already for TAG – YOU’RE DEAD, on Undiscovered Scotland. It’s a belter. The reviewer actually gets what Dominic Queste is all about. That makes one of us.

Undiscovered Scotland review

I like reviews. I hate reviews. (You can see there’s a pattern of duality forming here.)

Good reviews are wonderful and make the ego preen. Bad reviews are depressing. Some can be downright hurtful.

However, it’s all part of the rich tapestry of the creative life and all reviews are welcome. They do help with algorithms, whatever the hell they are.

Anyhoo – you can find the trailer for TAG – YOU’RE DEAD here. Please watch, it took me some time to pull together. I was up sometimes to two or three o’clock in the afternoon doing it.

Tag – You’re Dead promo

And the link to the book on that on-line place is below – but please buy from a bookstore if you can!



Tag – You’re Dead