I’ve got a new book out. You may have noticed this if you’re a Facebook friend or follow me on Twitter.

I can’t speak for other writers but I know how I feel when a new title is released.

In a word, terror.

Once it’s printed, bound and distributed there’s no going back. There’s no further tweaking, no further correcting, no further rewriting. The story that began as a notion and grew into a book will now succeed or fail in the eyes of readers.

THE JANUS RUN is something of a gamble. It’s not set in Glasgow, or even Scotland. It’s not even in this collection of nations we call Britain. It’s set in New York.

And I hope I’ve pulled it off. I like to think I have.

A good friend of mine spent a number of years there and she told me I’ve managed it, which is a relief.

The reviews have been spectacular, which is also something of a relief.

Here’s a sample of some of them:

Scots Whay Hae called it “a proper page-turner thriller, pure and simple – enthralling from start to finish.”

You’ll find the full review here:


Live and Deadly said Tense, full of action and packed with double dealing and intrigue, this is a first class read that leaves you wanting more.”


Undiscovered Scotland said “This is a book that sinks its teeth into its readers like a Rottweiler and simply never lets go”


Liz Loves books said “An intelligent character driven novel, one that leaves you wanting more”


Simply Suze Reviews said: The action begins on the first page and doesn’t let up until the last.”


Raven Crime Reads said “the characterisation was first class, and supported by whip-smart dialogue”


Chapter In My Life said “Authentically brutal, powerfully plotted and perfectly executed The Janus Run will be ringing in your ears for a long time after you turn the last page!”


At this year’s Bloody Scotland I’ll be sharing the stage – and a laugh or two no doubt – with the wonderful Caro Ramsay and the fabulous Michael J. Malone. And the invoice is in the post for both of those superlatives. A guy’s gotta eat.

We three will be coming together at 3.15pm in the Academy Suite of the sumptuous Stirling Highland Hotel. In Stirling, which is just as well given the name.

We have been described as three stalwarts of the Scottish crime scene – gosh! – and we’ll be in conversation about cops v crooks.

You see, Caro writes about cops in her outstanding Anderson and Costello series while Michael straddles – oh, lordy! – both sides of the law with his superb Ray McBain series and now his astonishing Kenny O’Neill books. Billing department please raise two more superlative invoices.

I’m really looking forward to this event because it’s always great fun when the three of us get together and I promise we’ll give value for money.

And the event is sponsored by Contraband, the hugely successful crime imprint of Saraband Publishing.Image (16)

You’ll find details here:

Bloody Scotland