The Carry on Sleuthing gang are heading for the seaside – with an ocean-based mystery!

You’d think we planned it.

But anyone who has seen Sleuthing knows that’s just not true.

We’re appearing in Troon Library on Wednesday November 14.

So come along and join Caro Ramsay, Pat Young, Michael J. Malone and Douglas Skelton for an evening of fun and mayhem.

Space is limited so booking is essential. Tickets are priced £8 and can be booked in the library on South Beach or by phoning 01292 315352.

I’ll be joining pals Pat Young and Michael J. Malone in Troon Library in April for an afternoon dedicated to those all-important readers.

We’ll be talking about books, each other’s books, other books we enjoy as well as inspiration, writing routines and – oh, I don’t know – dogs, maybe.

It’ll be a great afternoon and there’s even tea laid on!

Hope to see you all there.

Carry on Sleuthing: A Death on the Ocean Wave sails back into Irvine’s Harbour Arts Centre in February.

The gang will be back together for a special show in aid of the charity Breaking the Silence, which provides support for victims of rape and childhood sexual abuse.

And if you’ve seen it before, don’t worry – there’s new material, although the solution to the mystery remains the same, so keep it to yourself.

Tell us, though, because we’ve forgotten.

Caro Ramsay, Theresa Talbot, Pat Young, Michael J. Malone and myself will be back in costume for the cast of dozens.

Details here:




We’re back on stage with the play that will give you the most fun you’ll ever have out of brutal murder.

Carry on Sleuthing will bring this year’s superb Tidelines Festival to a dramatic close.

If you haven’t seen it before, then this is a laugh a minute murder mystery with some wonderful performances from some top crime writers.

If you HAVE seen it before then you’ll know there was at least one lie in the statement above.

This is an extended version of the show that has played Glasgow, Paisley, Grantown, Ayr and Sanquhar.

So come along and help our ace sleuth Letitia Luvibod solve the mystery of who killed odious lawyer Hiram Grabbitt on board the SS Naughty Nigel.

SIFT the evidence!

HEAR the suspects give their version of events!

GASP at the incredible performances!

GROAN at the jokes!

Join our star, bestselling author Caro Ramsay, ably supported by Michael J. Malone, Douglas Skelton, Neil Broadfoot and, in a change to the programme, Pat Young, in Irvine’s Harbour Arts Centre for the theatrical event of the season.

Book here:

Carry on Sleuthing at Tidelines

Or phone 01294 274 059.