The Carry on Sleuthing gang are heading for the seaside – with an ocean-based mystery!

You’d think we planned it.

But anyone who has seen Sleuthing knows that’s just not true.

We’re appearing in Troon Library on Wednesday November 14.

So come along and join Caro Ramsay, Pat Young, Michael J. Malone and Douglas Skelton for an evening of fun and mayhem.

Space is limited so booking is essential. Tickets are priced £8 and can be booked in the library on South Beach or by phoning 01292 315352.

It’s an attractive little town, like many in the highlands. Neat streets. Solid stone buildings. Stunning views to the mountains.

But for one weekend a year it becomes the focal point of murder and mayhem. A centre of dark acts and despicable deeds.

And that’s just the jokes in Carry on Sleuthing!

Yes, it’s time for the Wee Crime Festival in lovely Grantown-on-Spey (November 2-4).

This will mark the fourth year I’ve trekked northwards for this absolutely terrific event and one of these years they’ll find me out.

Once again the Crime Writers Associated Players (CWAP) will be debuting a brand new Carry on Sleuthing. There will be drama, horror and tears. And that’s just when Michael J. Malone can’t find his sporran.

Caro Ramsay will once again be taking the leading role. Spinster sleuth Letitia Luvibod is becoming very much her alter ego, I think.

But that’s just one event in the weekend of fun and fear.

There are top names attending this year.

Stuart McBride!

Alex Gray!

Craig Robertson!

Alex Sokoloff!

Neil Broadfoot!

Sandra Ireland!

Thomas Enger!

Margaret Kirk!

Helen Forbes!

Hugh Pugh, Barney McGrew!

Well, okay perhaps not the last two.

The events mostly take place in the Pagoda, a terrific venue in the town, while the Saturday night dinner takes over the Garth Hotel restaurant and the Sunday session will be found in Grantown Golf Club.

Come along and make a weekend of it. It is a truly great festival – Marjorie in the Bookmark and her willing band of volunteers really do a great job in pulling all this together.


It’s no secret that I think Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Apart from the midges. They ain’t so beautiful.

It’s also no secret that I take a snap or two (or a dozen) from time to time.

And in August I’m heading with pals to one of THE most photogenic parts of the country.

Isle of Skye – here we come!

I’ll be joining superstar authors Caro Ramsay (nominated for this year’s McIlvanney Award, don’tchaknow?) and Michael Malone on the island for Crime at the Clan.

Yes, we’ll be talking crime – and in a castle.


This’ll be my second such event in a stately home after the Glamis spectacular earlier this year.

I’m really looking forward to the trip, not just for the destination and the event but also because I’ll be travelling through some pretty fabulous scenery.

I predict lots of oohs and aahs and stop the car, I need to take a photie.

They won’t be pals by the end of this trip…

More information on our panel here:

Caro and Michael will also be doing workshops. They really know what they’re about so if you’re a crime writer, get your place booked. Information here:

I have been to Skye before, but only have one photo for some reason. At least, I think this was Skye! The dog is Charlie and he was a well-travelled Bearded Collie. Loved the car, loved to go place – and people smiled at him wherever he went. He’s been gone a long time now and this pic of him was a scan of a hard copy. Why I can’t find any other shots of Skye I don’t know.

A very serious Caro Ramsay, Neil Broadfoot and myself. I think we’d just been told Michael J. Malone was going to sing his selection of The Krankies Greatest Hits. We promise to be jollier for Room 101.

Caro Ramsay is in the chair (unless we pull it out from under her) for what promises to be an entertaining evening of likes and dislikes and the sending of items, phrases and whatever comes to mind to Room 101.

I’ll be joining Lesley Kelly, Michael J. Malone, Neil Broadfoot, Mason Cross and Frank Muir to help raise funds for the RNIB and launch the short story collection ‘Ten Year Stretch’.

Come along and see us, raise money for a good cause, have some tablet and a Pringle (one each), maybe a wee glass of wine. And a laugh.


More details here:


Carry on Sleuthing: A Death on the Ocean Wave sails back into Irvine’s Harbour Arts Centre in February.

The gang will be back together for a special show in aid of the charity Breaking the Silence, which provides support for victims of rape and childhood sexual abuse.

And if you’ve seen it before, don’t worry – there’s new material, although the solution to the mystery remains the same, so keep it to yourself.

Tell us, though, because we’ve forgotten.

Caro Ramsay, Theresa Talbot, Pat Young, Michael J. Malone and myself will be back in costume for the cast of dozens.

Details here:



Sleuthing poster

They called it a triumph in Grantown-on-Spey (or some kind of clapped out old banger, anyway).

And in January, Carry on Sleuthing 2: Murder at the Knickerage is heading for Dumfries – and the oldest working theatre in Scotland.

And if that wasn’t enough to get the funny bone tingling, the Theatre Royal will also host Four Crime Writers in Search of a Plot.


Let Joy be unbound (she’s a lovely girl)!

Carry on sleuthing composote (2017_11_10 11_48_18 UTC)

Yes, indeedy – Gordon ‘GJ’ Brown, Mark Leggatt, Neil Broadfoot and Douglas Skelton will be dusting off the old Tea Cosy of Inspiration (TCOI) and getting their little grey cells in gear to create a crime story before the audience’s very eyes live on stage (well, almost live. A couple of them don’t look too healthy).

Here’s the drill – the audience is invited to suggest a protagonist and a murder weapon and then choose which author will write the next section of the story. While the chosen one is sporting the TCOI and churning out some fantastic prose (it could happen), the others will field question about crime writing from the audience.

It’s fast, it’s fun and it could well be folly.

four blokes byres road 2 (2017_10_12 09_40_46 UTC)

Then the Carry on Sleuthing team – Caro Ramsay, Lucy Cameron, Michael J. Malone and Douglas Skelton – will take over the stage to present a mystifying mystery filled with suspense, danger and, well, mystifying mystery.

Either that or they’ll just do Murder at the Knickerage.

With script in hand, because they’re incapable of remembering lines and you wouldn’t want some of these stuck in your head anyway, they will invite you to listen to the witnesses, find the clues and decide who the murderer was.

However, budding sleuths have to wade their way through a barrage of jokes and sight gags to find the clues!

Don’t miss this tittersome evening of murder, mystery and mirth.

Tickets can be booked now, priced £8 for an individual show, or £12 for the two.


Find out how to book here:


Bloody hell!

That Caro Ramsay’s got a new book heading into the hands of eager fans.

Yes – another one! Does she eat?

I'm chatting to Caro Ramsay for the launch of her new book on November 30

I’m chatting to Caro Ramsay for the launch of her new book on November 30

It’s called THE SUFFERING OF STRANGERS and it’s bound to be another belter.

And she’ll be launching it during Book Week Scotland in the Prima Vera Bistro, courtesy of Waterstones Newton Mearns.

Apparently, she’ll be in conversation with yours truly.

We’ll talk about the book, the inspiration, the symbolism with which her work is replete and the existential angst of writing about crime.

If you’ve ever been to an event with Caro, you’ll know that to be a complete lie.

The book is serious but the event will be fun.

I wouldn’t miss it.

Actually, I’d better not – Caro knows how to kill without leaving a trace.

More info here:


My first official Book Week Scotland event takes me back to the lovely isle of Bute.


I’ll be teaming up pals Caro Ramsay and Michael J. Malone once again – but not for Carry on Sleuthing, although I’m sure it’ll be mentioned.

Caro Ramsay

Caro Ramsay

Michael J. Malone

Michael J. Malone

The panel is called CRIME AND CUPCAKES and in case you’re wondering, Michael and I are the cupcakes.

Bute event

It’ll be a fun night and if you’re on the island hope to see you there.

More info here:

With thanks to Print Point, Argyll and Bute Libraries and Scottish Book Trust.

Douglas is heading back to Grantown-on-Spey in November for this year’s Wee Crime Festival.

It all kicks off on Friday November 3 with the gala premiere of the new Carry on Sleuthing extravaganza, Murder at the Knickerage, with Caro Ramsay, Michael J. Malone and some guest performers.

Douglas with Caro Ramsay in Carry on Sleuthing. A brand new mystery will make its debut in Grantown

Douglas with Caro Ramsay in Carry on Sleuthing. A brand new mystery will make its debut in Grantown

Caro with Michael J, Malone in Carry on Sleuthing

Caro with Michael J, Malone in Carry on Sleuthing

Then on Saturday and Sunday he joins fellow authors Caro Ramsay, Lin Anderson, James Oswald, Yrsa Siguroardottir, Mason Cross, Michael J. Malone and Daniel Shand in a number of events.

Detail here:


Fresh from its triumph at Tidelines, the Carry on Sleuthing team will, to paraphrase The Monkees, take the last train to Clarkston to bring quality theatre to the city suburbs. Or something.

Yes, you lucky Clarkstonians will have the chance to revel in the mystery and fun that has had audiences both puzzled and incontinent from Sanquhar to Grantown.

We’ll be in the library on Thursday October 5.

Details Here:

Clarkston Library