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Tag – You’re Dead out now!

Dominic Queste is back – and playing a deadly game with a ruthless killer



I’m Douglas Skelton – a crime writer who specialises in fiction and non-fiction  from the darker side of our world. My non-fiction charts the true life exploits of murderers, criminals and cause celebres. My fiction focuses on the underbelly of Glasgow – Scotland’s biggest, industrial and working-class city; with a history of tobacco barons, Victorian elegance, manufacturing, gangs, and culture. It’s a hard but sentimental city. It’s a city with a fierce and abiding heart.

The Dead Don't Boogie

A missing teenager should be an easy job for Dominic Queste - after all, finding lost souls is what he does best. But sometimes it's better if those souls stay lost.

Davie McCall Series

Davie McCall has darkness inside him. A darkness that haunts him, but also helps him do despicable things to those trying to cause him and his friends harm.


Dark, black, hearts, valentines, Indian Peter and all true from Scotland.

Best Crime Book

Douglas Skelton's final Davie McCall book "Open Wounds" is listed for the McIlvanney Prize 2016 as best Crime Book of the Year at this year's Bloody Scotland

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We've just had St Andrew's Day, the feast day of Scotland's Patron Saint (it was November 30, in case you didn;t know). Have you ever wondered why Scotland adopted the Saltire as its national flag? Well, there are two competing stories.

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A look back at reactions to the first Dominic Queste thriller


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For Book Week Scotland this year I’m back in court – figuratively speaking, of course. I’m presenting another You the Jury session in Ayr’s Carnegie Library on Thursday November 24....


Crime writers in Dumfries

Join crime writers Michael J. Malone, Douglas Skelton and Graham Smith in Waterstones Dumfries for an entertaining evening of crime writing chat. Maybe even some insults.

From the rear) Douglas Skelton, Nel Broadfoot, Mar Leggatt and GJ Brown are heading for Falkirk. Picture: Daniel Morrison

Glasgow end to Crime Factor 2016

The Crime Factor tour comes to an end in Glasgow in November.


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There will be more crime writers than you can shake a royalty cheque at in a picturesque Highland town next weekend. For it’s halloween weekend and that means it’s time for...


MY SCOTLAND 2: The guardhouse of the bloody valley

My Scotland is one of dark deeds and dark tales. Stories of ghosts and demons, of battles and massacres, of murder and mayhem. And cheap laughs, always cheap laughs. Here I travel to the borders - the debatable lands which for centuries were the killing fields for warring nations and noble families - to visit what is for me the most sinister castle I've ever seen.


Crime Factor crosses the border!

Well, William Wallace tried it, Bonnie Prince Charlie tried it, now it’s our turn – for the Crime Factor Four are heading across the border. Neil Broadfoot, Gordon Brown, Mark...

The Fairy Knowe near Aberfoyle. A minister who revealed the secrets of the fairy folk is imprisoned in the large tree, legend tells us.

MY SCOTLAND: 1. Away with the Fairies

My Scotland is one of dark deeds and dark tales. Stories of ghosts and demons, of battles and massacres, of murder and mayhem. In the first of an occasional series telling some of these yarns and sharing my pictures, I talk of the Reverend Robert Kirk, who legend tells us found himself away with the fairies.