I’ve made a return to non-fiction for my next release- and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

And there’s no crime!

Well, maybe just a little bit.

AMAZING AND EXTRAORDINARY SCOTLAND is an ideal Christmas present, a primer for tourists heading to God’s Country or someone who wants bite-sized facts and stories about Caledonia.


It’s a fun-sized compendium of popular history, culture and bloody hell, I didn’t know that.

As the release says:

Who was the real Macbeth, when did clan tartans first appear, who were the powerful Scottish women, who invented the fried Mars Bar and why is one leg of the haggis shorter than the others?

Find the answers in this brilliant little book that is accessible to all ages and levels of interest and will give hours of pleasure.

I had a ball pulling this book together and I learned things about my own country.

For instance:

Robert the Bruce had to be crowned TWICE – and it was a woman who made it official.

Mary Queen of Scots was partial to football.

The Scots invented slogans.

The Grampians were so called because of a misprint.

AMAZING AND EXTRAORDINARY SCOTLAND will be published by Rydon Publishing at the end of October.