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Leaping lizards! It’s almost Bloody Scotland time!

8th September 2017 - 10th September 2017

To be honest, I can’t believe it’s almost here.

It seems like only yesterday that I shared a stage with Catriona MacPherson, Gillian Galbraith, Russel D McLean and the always wonderful Theresa Talbot (she paid me to say that). But it wasn’t yesterday, it was last September.

This year I’m involved in three things. Yes, three! Some mistake, surely? But no, I’ve managed to elbow my way in.

First up, I’m chairing Kate London, Clare Mackintosh and RJ Mitchell in the ‘From Cops to Robbers’ panel. (Saturday Sept 9, .5.30pm – 6.30pm). They are all former police officers now turned to writing. Naturally, there is no suggestion that they have turned to robbery as well, but I’ll keep a firm grip of my clipboard just the same.

Details here:

From Cops to Robbers

Then, on Sunday, I’m flexing my acting muscles to play Inspector Faro in Alanna Knight’s play ‘The Case of the Vanishing Vagrant.’

I reject any suggestion that because of the way I dress I should play the vagrant.

I’m looking forward to this and can only hope I can fill Stuart MacBride’s shoes adequately. He played Faro in last year’s play and was very, very, VERY good.

What’s doubly daunting is that fellow cast members Marsali Taylor, Abir Mukherjee and Gordon Brown have to perform knowing that a proper actor is standing beside us.

Hollywood star Harley Jane Kozak also write crime and she has agreed to take part in the play.

I know the rest of the cast join me in saying GULP.

Details here:

Inspector Faro Investigates

Immediately after that – we’ll barely have to time to fend off our adoring fans (cough) – Gordon Brown and I will head to another venue for ‘Four Blokes in Search of a Plot’.

Our Crime Factor comrades Neil Broadfoot and Mark Leggatt will make up the quivering quartet trying to create a crime storybefore the audience’s very eyes, while also keeping up a stream of witty banter and interesting conversation. Or something.

Details here:

Four Blokes in Search of a Plot

It’s going to be fun and the entire festival is one not to be missed. Still some tickets left for a wide variety of events.

Full list of panels and events here:

Bloody Scotland 2017


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