I’ve got a new book heading your way later this year.

Something different.

Well, for me.

For once, it’s not set in Scotland. I’ve spread my writing wings across the Atlantic to set a thriller in New York.

It’s been described as Jason Bourne meets The Sopranos and it’s a fast-moving conspiracy thriller in the mould of ‘Three Days of the Condor’ (and the original book, ‘Six Days of the Condor’). There’s even a wee sly nod to that at the climax. Let’s see who spots it.

The Janus Run will be published by Contraband in September.

New York 8-1 (2017_07_12 11_20_52 UTC)


‘A bullet doesn’t know good from evil, right from wrong. A bullet only knows how to kill. I was a bullet…’


For Cole Lang, the past was buried. A successful advertising executive, he has put one horrific marriage behind him but ahead was a new life with corporate lawyer Gina Scolari.

But then someone murders Gina. In his bed.

Big mistake.

They thought he was just a white collar pushover but they were wrong. He has secrets.

Gina had secrets, too, and one of them may have got her killed.

Was it because of her father, Tony Falcone, a former Mafioso who turned rat?

Or was it something else? Something from Cole’s past, from his days with Janus, a group so shadowy only those in the highest echelons of government know of its existence.

In the frame and on the run from the dogged cop Rosie Santoro and US Marshal TP McDonough, Cole must tap into old skill in order to survive.

But those old skills are rusty and that could prove lethal.

He forges an uneasy alliance with Falcone, who seeks revenge for his daughter’s death.

Falcone has baggage of his own, mistakes in his past he must address if they are to survive. Not the least is the Marino family, out for blood.

They have the law, the feds and the mob on their tail as they dodge bullets and bodies across the Five Boroughs.

Meanwhile, someone else is tying off loose ends. Is it Nicky ‘The Juke’ Bruno, the Marino’s cold-hearted enforcer? Or is the chilling professional killer Mister Jinks responsible?

And all the while, Janus watches and waits.