The commemorative brochure from 1977

A Day Long Remembered

It's been 40 years since we were introduced to the world of the Empire, the Jedi and The Force.

The cast of Inspector Faro Investigates, clockwise from top left, Marsali Taylor, Douglas Skelton, Alanna Knight, Abir Mukherjee, Harley Jane Kozak and Gordon Brown. Picture: Paul Reich, courtesy of Bloody Scotland

Another record breaking year for Bloody Scotland

Well. That’s Bloody Scotland 2017 over, never to be seen again. Except in photographs. It was another record-breaker, with ticket sales 30% up on last year. The Festival just grows...


Investigating why a book just isn’t work

I wasn't being drawn back to the book I was writing. Which is not a good thing. The question was, why?


The imagination can take flight – but not in a good way

Okay. So that’s me updated my website. I’ve posted lots of stuff on FB, some on Twitter. I’ve done a wee job for a pal. I’ve been on You Tube...


Night and Day

Sometimes the best ideas come in the middle of a sleepless night.

Valleyfield Street today. When I was born there were tenement properties on both sides. And it wasn't as clean and sand-blasted.

Snapshots in time

The man was talking to someone I couldn’t see. Or maybe he was talking to someone only he could see. All I knew was that when I reached him, there...

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Schooldays and friendship

Last night I attended a prizegiving at Lesmahagow High School. My job was to shake hands, congratulate each prizewinner and then pass them their certificate or trophy. I managed it...


Looking back can be a bad habit

Sometimes looking back is not a good idea. Just ask Lot’s wife.


The terrors of a new book

The new book will be published on April 27. I hope it entertains. I hope it enthrals. I hope it makes you at least smile. I hope, this time, it scares you.

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Libraries must be protected

Libraries must be protected. Here I present a love letter I wrote to my favourite Glasgow library