A love letter to the Mitchell Library

Book Week Scotland kicks off tomorrow and it brought to mind this piece from a few years ago.

Rebelling during Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland (November 19 to 24) is wonderful concept and I'm pleased it's going to be a busy one.

The Janus Run: Reviews

The Janus Run is a hit with reviewers

A packed autumn!

Things have suddenly turned busier than ever here at Hole-In-The-Wall. First, THE JANUS RUN is now out there and ready, willing and (hopefully) able to give readers a thrill ride...

What’s happening in the next month

What's on, Skelton-wise, for the next month

Saxon, Thugs and Schlock & Gore

Who was the mysterious writer of gratuitous horror that enthralled the teenage author?

The Joy of Sexton

What set me on the road to crime?

Cutting to the Chase

What British crime writer appeared in court charged with obscenity?

Thoughts on weighty reads – and more

Today, class, let’s talk about length. I have a problem with excessive length… Okay, get the giggling over with. I’ll wait. Fine… I am, of course, talking about books. And...

The Beautiful Cigar Girl and the Troubled Author

The true life case that inspired one of the earliest detective stories - and the questions that still hang over it. Is it possible the man responsible for creating the genre was himself a murderer?