A blank page. That’s what all authors begin with. Pristine white, apart from the blink of the cursor, flashing like some kind of Morse Code challenge. Come on, it says, amaze me. Thrill me. Fill me with wonder. Sometimes though, the author stares back, knowing that filling anything with wonder is just not on the […]

OVER on that Facebook place, I was challenged by pal Richard Bruce to come up with seven books that influenced me. My regular reader – she’s a nice woman – will know that I’ve been influenced very much by Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct novels and the western ‘SHANE’. She also knows that one of my […]

I’ve got a new book heading your way later this year. Something different. Well, for me. For once, it’s not set in Scotland. I’ve spread my writing wings across the Atlantic to set a thriller in New York. It’s been described as Jason Bourne meets The Sopranos and it’s a fast-moving conspiracy thriller in the […]