Valleyfield Street today. When I was born there were tenement properties on both sides. And it wasn't as clean and sand-blasted.
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Last night I attended a prizegiving at Lesmahagow High School. My job was to shake hands, congratulate each prizewinner and then pass them their certificate or trophy. I managed it without any serious difficulty. After all, the heavy–lifting had been done by the pupils themselves and the on–the–ball staff members who ensured that the correct […]

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My Scotland is one of dark deeds and dark tales. Stories of ghosts and demons, of battles and massacres, of murder and mayhem. And cheap laughs, always cheap laughs. Here I travel to the borders – the debatable lands which for centuries were the killing fields for warring nations and noble families – to visit what is for me the most sinister castle I’ve ever seen.

The Fairy Knowe near Aberfoyle. A minister who revealed the secrets of the fairy folk is imprisoned in the large tree, legend tells us.