Tag – You’re Dead out now! Davie McCall McIlvanney Listed

Tag – You’re Dead out now!

Dominic Queste is back – and playing a deadly game with a ruthless killer



I’m Douglas Skelton – a crime writer who specialises in fiction and non-fiction  from the darker side of our world. My non-fiction charts the true life exploits of murderers, criminals and cause celebres. My fiction focuses on the underbelly of Glasgow – Scotland’s biggest, industrial and working-class city; with a history of tobacco barons, Victorian elegance, manufacturing, gangs, and culture. It’s a hard but sentimental city. It’s a city with a fierce and abiding heart.

The Dead Don't Boogie

A missing teenager should be an easy job for Dominic Queste - after all, finding lost souls is what he does best. But sometimes it's better if those souls stay lost.

Davie McCall Series

Davie McCall has darkness inside him. A darkness that haunts him, but also helps him do despicable things to those trying to cause him and his friends harm.


Dark, black, hearts, valentines, Indian Peter and all true from Scotland.

Best Crime Book

Douglas Skelton's final Davie McCall book "Open Wounds" is listed for the McIlvanney Prize 2016 as best Crime Book of the Year at this year's Bloody Scotland

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Caro Ramsay, Michael J. Malone, Theresa Talbot and some bearded old man in 'Carry on Sleuthing' in Waterstones Argyle Street.

Clarkston Library: Carry on Sleuthing

Fresh from its triumph at Tidelines, the Carry on Sleuthing team will, to paraphrase The Monkees, take the last train to Clarkston to bring quality theatre to the city suburbs....

Caro and Douglas-1 web

Tidelines Book Festival: Carry on Sleuthing

Yes! We’re back on stage with the play that will give you the most fun you’ll ever have out of brutal murder. Carry on Sleuthing will bring this year’s superb...

Four guys

Bloody Scotland: Four Blokes in Search of a Plot

The Crime Factor old boy band are getting back together, specially for Bloody Scotland. Neil Broadfoot, Gordon Brown, Mark Leggatt and I will be fielding questions from the audience on...

Douglas Skelton, Neil Broadfoot, Mark Leggatt and GJ Brown will be hitting the road this year as Four Crime Writers in Search of a Plot. Picture: Daniel Morrison

New format for Four Blokes in Search of a Plot

Well, this is scary. Inspired by the success (well, we enjoyed it) of the #ScotLitFest Crime Collaboration Creation, in which over four hours on Facebook we created a brand new...


Investigating why a book just isn’t work

I wasn't being drawn back to the book I was writing. Which is not a good thing. The question was, why?

The Wigtown Covenanters Monument

Wigtown Summer Literary Festival

I’ll be one of four authors taking part in this great event, the others are Margi Tolstoy, Hazel Stevens, Suzi Henderson and the incomparable Caro Ramsay. I’ll be talking about both...

Four guys

#ScotLitFest – Crime writing on the fly (well, on the Facebook)

I’m joining my Crime Factor pals on Sunday July 23 for a thrilling event on Facebook. As part of this year’s #ScotLitFest, we’re going to collaborate to create a crime...


The imagination can take flight – but not in a good way

Okay. So that’s me updated my website. I’ve posted lots of stuff on FB, some on Twitter. I’ve done a wee job for a pal. I’ve been on You Tube...


Night and Day

Sometimes the best ideas come in the middle of a sleepless night.

Valleyfield Street today. When I was born there were tenement properties on both sides. And it wasn't as clean and sand-blasted.

Snapshots in time

The man was talking to someone I couldn’t see. Or maybe he was talking to someone only he could see. All I knew was that when I reached him, there...